Fashion accessory staples

Fashion accessory staples

It’s never too much when you have the right accessories to pair your outfit with. Just the right set of accessories can make your outfit upgrade your look. These are the fashion accessories staples you need to your rescue right now.

1. The big Belt

Grab a belt and give your waist the attention it needs. Belts are the easiest accessory you can use to add some definition or form to your outfit. Put a belt on that loose old kurta you don’t like and there you have a new outfit! Belts draw attention to your waist and good fitted belt makes you look sleek and slim even in bulky outfits.

This season is for belts. Get this black Etty Broad Belt. This belt in faux leather will work well with your formal wear and as well as your evening wear. Tie this belt over your formal jacket with a contrasting shirt or put in over your long skirt with a spaghetti top and you’re all set!

If bling is your style for this Emily Thin Belt, pair this up your Indian wear to add a little fusion into your traditional wear and create a fresh look or if pair this up with a white crisp shirt and black pants and you’re to roll in a power yet stylish look.

2. Band it up

Bring out the little girl in you and invest in some hairbands. Hairbands are this season’s current favourite and with a variety of options to choose from, you can’t wrong with this pretty accessory. Hairbands are easy to carry, pair them your midi dresses for a feminine, girl-next-door look, or your denim shirt,  denim shirts with hairbands in neutral shades looks very urban chic and playful.

Get this printed Knot Hairband and team it up with your plain dress or shirts to add an element of fun to your outfit. Knot hairbands are in trend and helps you get all dolled up with little effort.

Channelize your inner princess with this studded White Color Kazo Hairband.  It’s perfect for those date nights and evening parties. Easy to pair up with your party dresses, a little bling with this hairband will complete your look and make you look your elite best.

3. Hoop love

Hoops are the classic earrings which have never gone out of style. Hoops have the ability to draw attention your face makes you look flattering. Hoops earrings are a classic fashion staple just like your pair of black jeans or that white shirt, you have to have them in your wardrobe. They’re very easy to style and practically go with everything. You can wear them to party or even when you like feel like going for coffee.

Get these evergreen Bella Earring in metal and pay your ode to the 90’s. These basic hoops in gold can be paired up with anything from your dresses to your simple top or a graphic t-shirt. Just adding these statement hoops will give enhance your overall look and give you stylish, pepped up look. Hoops comes in all shades and sizes, from the big gold ones to small silvers, all of them are for sure to make look fabulous.

Grab on a pair of hoops, a choker paired with a graphic t-shirt and black ripped jeans, and tere you have your perfect 90’s look to go to!

4. Bag it up

Whether you’re the vintage kind, the Boho lover or the sporty type, there’s a bag for everyone out there. The right bag makes you look classy and adds up to your personality. Bags are undoubtedly a woman’s best friend from your makeup to your shopping you bag can carry it all. Bags are a fashion accessory so essential that it’s hard to recall a time when ladies weren’t carrying bags. Trends may come and go but carrying your own bag with you is never going to go out of style.

According your need and style there’s a huge range of options to choose from, you can get a tiny wallet for your everyday need, a studded purse to go with your saree for the festive season or get a sling bag to complete your college look.

Get this Grey Color Tote Bag for the perfect cool and comfortable look. This is an ideal accessory to carry all your essentials in one place. This bag can hold your wallet, car keys, important documents, make-up bag and what not. In a basic shade, it won’t be a difficulty to match this bag with your outfits. A tote bag is a functional accessory you definitely need to have.


If you want to play it classy with this Megan Clutch Bag in faux leather. In a trendy color like teal, this bag will sure grab all the attention. The sharp cuts and gold metal definitions will compliment you overall look. Pair this up with your evening dresses or traditional wear and make a statement in style.

5. Necklaces

One can’t miss talking about necklaces when talking about fashion accessories. Necklaces go way back in time and always helped ladies look their absolute best. There are unlimited ways to style your necklaces. There are plenty of styles, colors and designs to choose from. Just adding your favourite can help you change your basic look to a trendy one without any special effort.

Get this Lola Necklace to for an elite, glamorous look. A perfect necklace for your evening dates, pair this necklace with your long dresses or single color tops and add an element of bling to your look. the sharp and embellishments of this necklace will make your look classy and give you the confidence to rock.


For the the Boho lover in you, get this Rochelle Necklace, with a tassle at the end, this piece will help you add element of fun and color to your outfit. A perfect one to pair up with your single color tops, crop tops with your favourite pair of jeans.


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