Keeping up with the trends

Keeping up with the trends

When you’re a lady who loves to stay stylish and fashionable every day you step out, keeping up with the trends is essential and here’s what this season has in store for you.

1. Puff Puff!

This season is back with bold ruffles and broad silhouettes and with them, they’re bringing the puff shoulders back in trend. These puff shoulders add a fun element of the 80’s to your outfit and looks good on both, your blouses and your midi dresses. While styling puffed sleeves, make sure the rest of your outfit is subtle and only the puffed sleeves are doing the talking. The best part about puffed sleeves is that, they look good in almost every fabric from organza to cotton, from shimmer to denim.

Get this Mickey Mouse © Disney Printed Organza Top with puffed sleeves to help you flaunt this season’s trend. The monochromatic theme with a Disney print and knotted neckline will give your look a fun vibe. Pair this up with straight black pants and high heels or experiment your own way. Puffed sleeves in an elegant fabric as organza will sure make you stand out and look stunning.


 2. Lavender love

Lavender is the color you want to fall in love with this season. This is a flattering, feminine color that adds a soft touch to your outfit. This season is all about rocking the different shades from the lavender family in form of boots, dresses, blouses or you can even go all out and pair different shades of lavender together. A light shade pants with a darker plain t-shirt? It won’t just look super chic but also feel super comfortable.

Get this Mickey Mouse © Disney Diamond Studded T-Shirt in a darker shade of the lavender family with a cute mickey mouse studded print. Pair this trendy t-shirt with a pair of good tailored pants or your favorite pair of denims and you’re ready to rock in comfort. The shade of thee t-shirt helps you look stylish, up to date and Disney print brings out the girl-next-door vibe in you. Best of both worlds?

 3. Flare Flare all the way

A good pair of trousers go a long way and back in the game are the flared pants. The best thing about flares is that they’re super versatile and easy to experiment with. This season is filled with flared in different colors, designs and fabric. As set of formal flared pants can easily be turned into a set of trendy pants for your date night just on the basis of how your style it. Flares is such a silhouette that it’s super easy to carry and absolutely comfortable. You can pair these pants with both tight and loose tops, a cropped blouse with high waist flared pants or tuck in your t-shirts in your pants, they’re all look super trendy with little effort.

Get this Flared Trouser With Buttons And Pintuck Detail and add this to your office essentials wardrobe immediately. These flared pants in a basic black color can we paired with a variety of tops with ease. The buttons and the running vertical pintuck adds definitions to the garment and your overall look. This well fitted pair of pants will help you look stunning teamed up with shirts of a flowy silhouette.


4. Stripe right

Trends may come, trends my go but what here’s to stay are stripes! Every season comes with their own way of styling this classic pattern. Bold stripes or thin vertical stripes running down our garment, stripes always do make a statement and get you all the attention you need. There are numerous trendy ways in which you can style the stripes of your choice. Vertical stripes help you look thinner and taller while horizontal stripes on your top bring the focus on your waist. The classic stripes are the safest pattern to play with. Definitely a girl’s best friend when it comes to patterns. Stripes look good on anyone and everyone and can paired up with literally everything. There’s no reason to not to love stripes, a classic fashion staple for your wardrobe.

Get this Striped Cullotes With Front Placket Detail and create trendy looks for yourself without any hassle. Pair this stripped cullotes with single color t-shirts and tops or go all out and experiment with some strip on stripee action. These cullotes in olive green combo are easy to pair with a lot of colors. Pair these with a bright shade t-shirt to create a lively fun look or go for pastels shades or even a white blouse for a more formal look. the choice is your with endless options to choose from.


5. Yellow Mellow

Another color that’s grabbing all the attention this season is shades of yellow, especially butter yellow. There’s a huge range of shades yellow has to offer, from bright marigolds, to soft lemon and yoke yellow we’re up for all. Yellow is definitely the happiest color out there, perfect for your brunch dates or a girl’s day out. This color makes you look feminine and gives you a happy-go-lucky vibe. Get midi dress in this color, a fancy blouse or a basic t-shirt, yellow looks good in all shapes and sizes. A color inspired by the bright sun will surely shoo away all your Monday blues.

Get this Basic Regular Shirt With Big Cuff Detail in mineral yellow, pair it up with your white trousers for a fresh formal look to bright up that boring board meeting or simply get this on with your favorite pair of jeans for a relaxed, comfortable look. A color this fine will definitely upgrade your whole look.

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