Outfits for a casual date

Outfits for a casual date

Going out on a date isn’t an easy job, it’s almost nerve wracking but what’s even more difficult is the choose what to wear. You spend hours trying to find the perfect outfit from the pile of clothes you have thrown on your bed. To help you out in such confusing and desperate times here are some of the perfect outfits suggestions for your casual dates.

1. Dress up!

Dresses are the easiest outfits you can opt for, saving you from the confusion of ‘what to pair with what’. Dresses bring out the feminine side in you and make your look stand out with little effort. Wearing dresses give you a certain freedom and add an element of fun to your look and it’s always fun to twirl around in a dress, isn’t it?

Affair with Lavender

Lavender is what this season is in love with. A universally flattering color, this shade looks good on all skin tones and doesn’t wash out fairer skin tones unlike the other pastel shades. This shade is subtle and gives your outfit a girly vibe.

Get this Textured Jersey Cross Over Back mini dress in lavender to look absolutely gorgeous on your date. In a soft shade, this dress will give you the perfect causal date look, neither too much, nor too less. The front darts give you a defined sharp look and the neckline adds a flirtatious vibe to your outfit. Pair this up with statement earrings and matching heels to complete the look.

If you’re a lover of print, have fun in florals with this Floral Printed Wrap Dress blue mini dress. Floral prints are always safe to play with and give you an innocent girl-next-door look. A look from the 70’s wrap dresses flatter every body types and can be worn on different occasions. Whether you’re going out for drinks or a casual lunch for your date, a wrap dress can work well with the right set of accessories. Wrap dresses look best in different prints and textures like this one in a floral print. This dress will enhance your features and conceal them at the same time, making it a perfect choice for your casual date.

2. Try a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a perfect choice for a casual date. It’s the best in-between outfit, it’s neither too laid back, nor too fancy. It gives you just the right amount of elegance and grace you need for your date. Jumpsuit also help you define your body frame. There are many ways in which you can style your jumpsuit, add some accessories or layer your jumpsuit with a blazer for a strong, powerful look.

Try this Tube Jumpsuit With Floral Print in blue for your casual date. The color combination is perfect for your dinner date or drinks date. The floral print of the blouse adds a soft touch to the jumpsuit. The neckline of the jumpsuit enhances your features and give you a flirtatious look, just right for a date. Pair this jumpsuit with silver danglers or hoops. If you’re not an earrings fan, go a studded necklace.

3. Check mate

One can never go wrong with checks and a button down plaid shirt is the best way to wear the pattern for a lady. A plaid shirt looks cool and cozy and paired up with more much than you think. Style your shirt with a scarf, your ripped jeans and even a pair of boots. A plaid shirt looks best with leather jacket and would help you look your absolute best for an evening date.

Try this Checked Shirt With Embellishment in a perfect color combo of blue and orange to add a pop of color to your outfit. With fine embellishment work around the collar of the shirt, a spark of little bling will help you look stunning and date ready! Pair this shirt with a pair of flared trousers for a good 90’s look or go for your basic jeans. This shirt is the perfect example of style with comfort, making it the right choice for your casual date.

4. Say it with Graphics

 Nothing says casual better than your favourite pair of jeans with a bold graphic t-shirt. Graphic t-shirts are more versatile than you think and instantly make you look trendy without much effort. You can create a faux cropped look and pair it your straight pants, knot it up with a mini skirt, wear it under a jacket or simply tuck it in your flared pants. There are endless ways to look pretty and chic with this fashion essential.

Get this Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck © Disney Printed T-Shirt to create fun, comfortable look for your date. Just like graphic t-shirts what will never go out of style is Disney. Disney characters are classic and definitely a lot of fun to style. Slide in your comfortable pair of rugged jeans and shoes and you’re ready for your casual date in under a minute. You can knot this t-shirt on the side or even wear in under a power suit or a dark shade jacket for some experimentation. This t-shirt will surely help you look very urban- chic and give a fresh back to college vibe.


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