Kazo Konscious-Moving Towards Sustainability

Kazo Konscious-Moving Towards Sustainability

Being a fashion brand, it’s important that we move towards sustainability and be more conscious of the environment and be more mindful of the environmental and socio-economic impacts our activities can have.

Like most brands in the past we also followed a linear model of production. But, a linear model of production and consumption is not sustainable, and we are determined to lead our way towards a better, circular, way of working. This means driving change throughout our business and our entire value chain.

Linear value chain simply describes a straight path, starting from raw materials to production and ultimately disposal. But, this linear, unconstrained value chain is not very sustainable as it leads to a lot of wastage.

On the other hand, a circular business model maximizes resources and minimizes waste. In the circular model, resources stay in use for as long as possible before being converted or recycled into new products and materials, which in turn results in minimal wastage and environmental impact. Making fashion circular is good for business because it boosts efficiency and cuts waste. In addition to this, we are also determined to minimize the usage of single-use plastic and use more upcycled and sustainably sourced materials in production, which will ensure that the waste generated is kept at a minimum level.

We are slowly implementing a circular mindset into every step of our value chain; from designing products and packaging to enabling our customers to care for — and later, dispose of the products in a sustainable way.

Below mentioned are some ways in which we have initiated the implementation of a circular mindset in every step, and we are constantly making more such improvements within our value chain.

Raw materials We’ve started testing sustainably sourced and recycled raw materials and in the future we hope that most of our fabrics will be sustainable and the use of highly processed materials, which require large amounts of water and chemicals, would be significantly reduced. We are planning to shift towards fabrics like organic cotton, polyester made from recycled PET bottles, and more such eco-friendly materials.

Transport and Packaging Packaging is an important aspect of the overall process, it’s important that waste is minimized and usage of single-use plastic and non-biodegradable materials is kept to a bare minimum. Hence, keeping this in mind we have introduced recycled cartons and boxes which are re-used in the transportation and shipping processes. We also ensure that plastic used in the transportation process is not disposed off but is instead recycled and use of excessive plastic packaging is reduced.

Sustainable fashion is also intricately tied with ethical fashion. Ethical fashion refers to clothing made in a way which protects the rights of the workers and ensures that they are provided safe working conditions and are not exploited in any way.

Since our value chain consists of countless people, communities, ecosystems, and other businesses around the world. We ensure that at every step of the value chain human rights are not violated and occupational safety, gender equity, and women empowerment are not compromised. Keeping in mind that we have a workforce wherein 75% are women, we also work towards women empowerment and ensure that a safe working condition is provided to them.

Together with our suppliers, we have made great improvements in developing better social and environmental standards at the factories such as achieving fair living wages, reducing overtime, and providing better working conditions. We’re also determined to make the production process more transparent with time.

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