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10 Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

10 Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe


What's a list of closet staples without a "little black dress”? The concept of LBD is not unknown to any of us, most of us choose black as our favorite outfit when it comes to parties! It is the savior of any wardrobe, this outfit is a life saver for many occasions. The birth of the LBD came with Coco Chanel’s American Vogue publish. It was designed to be simple yet versatile and it became an instant hit in the market! 

The little black dress can be of any style, length and type. From fabric options to sleeve lengths, some like fitted, some flared, a few prefer midi length and some prefer skater style. From fancy parties to high school prom, this dress will have you covered. Lace, sequin shiny, velour, leather or just knitted style to keep it casual. There are no boundaries when it comes to an LBD.

The iconic LBD is a date-night and party essential for all the ladies. When in doubt, slip into a LBD and it transforms you into a diva in second! Blow-dry hair, your favorite lipstick, flashy earrings and a high heeled footwear - and you're good to go!



If there’s one fashion choice to that has successfully managed to please all age groups and generations with countless revisions – its denim. Be it the 80’s classic style, 90’s flared cut denim has found its fashionable way back to the crowd throughout the decade! Seasons come and go, but denim is a timeless fashion staple and endlessly versatile.

Denim is one of the most durable, versatile fabrics to own in any weather. It is a timeless piece that is absolutely worth investing in. Apart from the durability and longevity, a good pair of jeans provides simplicity and extreme comfort!

A good pair of jeans can make you look casual, classy and comfortable altogether. Be it a basic tee, a floral blouse or a black tank top, all of these bring out a different mood. We may be living in sweatpants these days, but denim will never be out of style. A classy easy pair of jeans worn with your favorite top and a pair of white sneakers is always a good idea!


Blazers are already popular for the office look, and some of you may think they can only be taken for a formal winter look but there is more! There are certain statement blazers that fit into almost any occasion, however it completely depends on how you style it. Such a blazer is an absolute must-have in ones’ wardrobe to upgrade your style. Not to mention how professional and business chic a blazer is. It will never go outdated and will never lose its versatility and it will always be that one item you will surely pick for your work wear. When it comes to blazer season, one can make statement with vibrant colors, striped, checks, bold patterns, fun details. 

Structured outwear is a must have for all. It can be worn in all seasons to a party or to a board meeting. Even if it's paired with a graphic tee underneath, it will create an amazing look! Team it up with a pair of nicely fitted trousers or denim with sleek hair.


Sling bags are casual, versatile and practical, and they’re back! These stylish bags have ample space for your needs and brings out the whole look together. There are various types of sling bags, the classic, the designer, messengers, cross-body and many more. Invest a good sling bag that you can carry from work to party. Lately, not many people find the idea of lugging around a huge bag, that’s heavy and not as convenient. Carry it on one shoulder or wear it cross-body, you can take it places. Sling bags are comparatively comfortable in carrying because of their adjustable handles. Put your sunglasses, your keys and that lipstick you can’t leave home without in your sling and be stylish!


A white shirt can be styled in many ways you can possibly think of. They almost never lose their shape. And they are the one clothing item that looks good with just about anything. A button down shit in white is clean, crisp and classic. A classic white shirt is a primary summer must have for almost any occasion. Pair it with a blue denim, a pleated skirt or denim shorts. Add your favorite statement jewelry and you're right about ready for almost anywhere. The plain white shirt versions are available in many styles, lengths and materials and can be styled in countless possible ways. Be it a night party, a casual day at work, a summer season brunch, a button down shirt can go with anything. It completely depends on how you style it. Layering up your shirt with a lacy cami inside or a tank top while leaving few buttons open is also a great way to style the look. Layering up your white button down shirt with a classic camisole, all while tucking in your shirt and buttoning it up half way is a great way to style up this classic.


Even though flared pants are supposedly in trend, we don’t get to see much of it on the streets. For a lot many of us it’s difficult to style it with the right top or accessories. Especially because we are so used to wearing fitted pants. For starters, the flare pants are NOT “wide legged pants”, they are wide-bottom pants. Similar to the ones worn in the seventies. So, the upper part shall be tighter than the bottom. The taller you are, the wider the pants can be. Never go over the top in terms o bottom width anyway.


If you have shorter legs, or a short torso, try slipping into heels under your flare pants. Also, using high waisted pants can be a good way of lengthen the look of legs.

If you haven't bought a super trendy flared pants yet, you'd better do it now! If you're tall, you can wear an oversized top or else a fitted crop top with black heels and statement earring. They come in handy for almost any occasion from work meetings to formal parties where you're always confused with outfit to pick.


White defines a serene vibe throughout summer with a subtle feminine aura of its own. It looks stunning and can win hearts. On the contrary, a black floral dress is very versatile as it caters to summer or transition season. Style it with a leather jacket for those evening dates. Summer is all about vibrant colors and florals define summer dresses the best possible way. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a floral printed dress. You’ve got to have a few such outfits like these.  Floral prints are loved by mostly all women and they’re adored in all fresh colors. A flowy floral print dress is a perfect choice for your Sunday brunches. It depends on how one accessorizes it as per the required situation.  It also adds color and dimension to your wardrobe in general and when teamed with a kitten heels and a cute tote bag, it makes the look even more appealing.


A belt is more than just about holding your pants up. Wearing the right type of belt is important. The occasion, the color, the thickness, all matter to making you look well turned out. It’s great how it can elevate a simple outfit with jeans! For the ones who live for versatility, a broad buckled black belt is certainly an important item to be bought. Wearing it on top of an ill-fitted dress, or an oversized white shirt to provide some definition to it. The elastic on the belt makes it comfortable for almost anyone who wears it.


Among all the jewelry options that look good on a woman no matter what her age or what she does for a living, earrings are a go-to favorite for many. Hoops make every outfit a little bit cooler. They’re a timeless yet modern take on the big earring trend that’s been around a few seasons now. If you’re new to the hoop trend, consider starting with a gold hoop; it’s the standard and an eternal classic. This trend is surely never going out of style. The size just keeps getting bigger and better. Wear it with anything plain and simple and this totally adds value to the look. If you're headed out and want to call more attention to your face, wear hoops in whatever size feels best for you. Larger hoops range from a medium that stands out more, to oversize, making you the center of focus.


Slay in a spray with the best. Perfumes are a personal thing.  Every woman has her own taste as far as perfumes are concerned.  Floral, fruity, musky, citrus – these are the major fragrance divisions and while certain women may like fruity and some others the musky fragrances; there are some perfumes that appeal to women in general. A good choice of scent makes you stand out in a crowd. And, we all know how much we fancy carrying our favorite fragrances wherever we go. Invest in a soft, long lasting floral scent and you'll surely attract compliments :)

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